Admission & Camping

Festival Pricing 2017

Festival dates: July 28 – 30, 2017


Please take note that our prices have changed.

Special Notes   ·   Admission   ·   Camping

RV fees    ·    Gate Times

Special Notes

  • No advance tickets.  All fees are payable at the gate only. Cash only.
  • Please be aware that the Kispiox Valley Music Festival has a No Dog policy.  During the festival, no dogs are permitted on the grounds, including the camping areas.  The River’s Edge Campground is fairly close to the festival and it does permit dogs on leash.
  • The Kispiox Valley Music Festival is a family friendly event.  We have zero tolerance for open consumption of alcohol.  Anyone openly consuming alcohol and being disruptive will be escorted from the grounds.

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  • Seniors (65+) and children (12 and under) are admitted free.
  • Youth rates are for those 13 to 18.
  • Family passes include up to four (4) people (youth and adults) from the same family home.


Weekend Passes – includes Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday

Adult $80 , Youth $50 , Family $160

Saturday Passes – includes Saturday and Sunday

Adult pass $65, Youth $40, Family $130

Sunday Passes – all day Sunday

Adult $20, Youth $10, Family $40

Our prices reflect the cost of putting on a high quality festival. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator if you would like to earn a free pass.

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These prices are for the whole weekend, Friday to Sunday.

  • $15 per person over 12.
  • Youth who are camping (13 – 18) must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No early camping
  • Vehicle Fee: $30 per vehicle
    • Please see the RV Fees section for information about extra fees for RVs and trailers (space is limited and parking on the road is free)

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RV Fees

 Because our camping space is limited, if you plan to bring a trailer or RV (10 feet or longer, bumper to hitch) onto the festival grounds, there is an additional RV fee. There will be a $55 fee for RVs from 10 to 20 feet in length and a $80 dollar fee for RVs over 20 feet long.

Note: we are not doing RV pre-registration this year.

(Clarifications which have been prompted by readers’ comments.)

1.  If your rig is a trailer, the truck that tows it must be parked outside of the grounds (eg. on the road) during the festival.

2.  The RV fee does not cover the regular camping fee.

3.  For our purposes, a truck with a camper on it or a camperized passenger van is not classified as an RV.

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Gate Opening and Closing Times


  • Friday: 9 am
  • Saturday: 8 am
  • Sunday: 9 am

Closing times:

  • Friday: 11 pm
  • Saturday: 10 pm

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34 thoughts on “Admission & Camping”

  1. How long of a walk is it from the place where you park your vehicle to approximately where your tent will be set up? Can you drive into the grounds to set up your stuff and then park the car?

    Are there places to get water on the grounds, for example, to fill up a water bottle?

    1. You can drive in, set up your tent, and then park your vehicle off-site. The distance is highly variable. Most people manage it ok.

    1. Some people do stay overnight on Sunday, too. The festival is over by then so the festival does not collect any fees and there is no security or other staff on the grounds.

  2. Unreal. I was coming. Kids had saved up $100 of their own money now do to huge ridiculous price hikes we will also not being going. Too bad. We have gone every year so far.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. Please understand that it costs a lot of money to put on a festival like this and we do not make a profit.

  3. My kids are going to the festival before me..can they buy the family pass and have my and my husbands wristbands at the gate?

  4. Is the road paved to the festival grounds or is it gravel ? If gravel do you know approximately how many kilometers are gravel ?

    1. You are free to consume alcohol at your campsite, which is considered to be the equivalent of your home for the duration of the festival. Or at a friend’s campsite. Open alcohol is not permitted elsewhere on the grounds and the grounds are to be glass free.

  5. So I pay $80 for festival weekend pass?, plus $15 camping fee, plus $55 dollar fee for small travel trailer (15ft.) do I also have to pay $30 dollar fee for my truck that tows trailer as well?? shouldn’t that be included in RV vehicle fee? wow that would be $180 just to get in the gate 🙁 Just looking for clarification 🙂 Thank you! Christine

      1. thanx for prompt reply! I unfortunately cannot afford the extra costs this year 🙁 won’t be attending for the first time in a while, can’t bring myself to pay almost $200 bucks just to get in gate 🙁 have fun! !

    1. Family passes include up to four (4) youth and adults from the same family home.
      Does this mean that if my son (21) living at home comes with 2 other adults in the same home it would be considered within the family pass?

  6. So my 10 foot bohler plus hitch costs more an a pick up with camper or large tent. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into this festival, truly I do, but the math is a bit off on this one.

    1. Beth Berlin:
      I cannot seem to leave a comment but seems I can reply to one; due to the nature of my comment and question, I chose yours to reply to.
      I believe we can sleep in our vehicles off the grounds and just pay an entrance fee, but I cannot ask as I cannot gain access to the comment area. If this is so then that would certainly work for me (and you or anyone else who finds the fees unworkable) at entrance fee only, per person.

    2. I agree!!! I understand that festivals cost money to run, I totally get that, but this expensive RV fee hike,plus vehicle cost as well is just too much!, I believe your missing the mark as well 🙁 my little trailer is just a little over 10 feet as well and I’d be paying almost 120 bucks extra just to camp! thats not even includng festival fee! thats another 80 bucks! its gonna keep a bunch of people away this year I fear 🙁

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