KVMFS Special General Meeting: Constitution Ammendment

There will be a special general meeting of the Kispiox Valley Music Festival Society at 2 pm on Sunday, May 24 at The Meeting Place in New Hazelton at 3226 Bowser Street, New Hazelton.

In addition to regular festival business, the purpose of this meeting is to discuss ammending our constitution to reduce the requirements for a quorum. The constitution of the KVMFS can be viewed here:


Here’s to KVMF 2015

Sending out a big “Thank you!” to everyone who came out to the Kispiox Valley Music Festival Society meeting this afternoon.  We ARE going to have a music festival in 2015!

Special thanks to Aaron Henderson who stepped up to take on the job of Artistic Director (previously called Performers Coordinator) and to Todd Stockner for agreeing to be Aaron’s mentor/coach this year.

Also to Samantha Briggs for accepting the position of Secretary and Bruce Chandler for agreeing to be on the Board of Directors.

I was preparing myself to accept the possibility that we might not do it this year, as I’m sure were others.  I’m so happy that we’re going ahead!

– Brad


The Kispiox Valley Music Society met this afternoon. This meeting was advertised as urgent. The word “urgent” was not hyperbole. Despite that, only nine members showed up. For a quorum, we require ten members. However, we were able to get a tenth person into the meeting via speaker phone.

This difficulty in achieving a quorum at such a meeting can, I think, be taken as an indication of the level of support in the community for our event. At this time, we do not know that there will be a Kispiox Valley Music Festival in 2015. The consensus at this afternoon’s meeting was that taking one year off would not be completely unacceptable.

Our next meeting will be at 2 pm on January 11, 2015, at The Meeting Place in New Hazelton. It is expected that it is at that meeting that it will be decided whether or not the festival as we have known it will happen in 2015.

We need people!

Our next meeting is on November 30 at 2 pm at The Meeting Place in New Hazelton, 3226 Bowser Street.

Yeah, I know that’s Grey Cup Sunday. So it goes.

At this time, the society does not have a president, vice president, or secretary. We have a treasurer plus two board members. Our constitution calls for those executives plus three or five board members.

Our treasurer is Jennifer Shearer. Our two board members are Steve Little and Brad Reddekopp.

We do not have a performers committee. Most years, at this time, the performers committee is already formed and is selecting headliners.

If — it really is an “if”! If we are to put on a music festival in 2015, we need people to step forward and commit to making it happen.

Next General Meeting: November 30

Our next general meeting is at 2 pm on Sunday, November 30, at The Meeting Place, 3226 Bowser Street, in New Hazelton.  This is a general meeting of the Kispiox Valley Music Festival Society. Community participation at this meeting is essential if there is to be a Kispiox Valley Music Festival in 2015.

At this time, we do not have the necessary people in place to make another festival happen.  We do not have a performer’s committee and we have empty spaces on the executive and the board.  Since our first music festival two decades ago, we have not missed a year.  If that is to continue, we need some fresh faces.  It is simply not possible for the same people to continue to pour their energy into this festival every single year.

So, please, if you want this festival to happen, come out and get involved.