Patience please…website under construction

Hi everybody,

Just to let you all know that we are making some changes to our website to improve the application experience and keep content up to date. While we are training new people to help with this, there may be delays responding to messages and updating content. Please feel free to contact the appropriate coordinator directly or to reach out on our Facebook page.

Any suggestions you have for improving our site can be sent to

General Meeting April 3 in New Hazelton at Meeting Centre

If you’ve been thinking of volunteering and want to check out who else is part of festival this year, get yourself to this meeting. There are still some Coordinator positions open and we’d love to fill them asap.

This may also be the final General meeting before festival starts unless there is a special need for general membership to meet. Festival Planning is going well, we are on track and ready to meet with Coordinators exclusively after this General Meeting.

There is a meeting of the Board of Directors immediately before the General Meeting so doors will be open from 12 noon onward.

As always, new members (and Coordinators!) are welcome. Membership is $5 per year.


AGM: February 7 @ 1 pm

The Annual General Meeting of the Kispiox Valley Music Festival Society will take place at 1 pm on Sunday, Februrary 7, 2016 at the Meeting Centre at 3226 Bowser Street, New Hazelton. A good turnout is needed.

(For technical reasons, our AGM in Novemeber was not valid so we need to do it again.)

January 17th General Meeting Postponed

Dear Members past, present and future,
Please note that the general meeting that was previously scheduled for January 17th has been postponed. Your Board of Directors is working on a meeting schedule for 2016 and more ways to keep you informed. The next general meeting will be Sunday, February 7 and we’ve got a surprise planned!  Enjoy the holidays and best wishes to everyone!