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Wildfires, campfires.

Our region is currently under a campfire ban. The information bulletin states that the ban will be in effect “until Oct. 21, 2017, or until the public is otherwise notified.” So, at this point, although it is possible that the ban will be lifted before our festival takes place, we need to people to be aware that there might be no campfires at KVMF this year. Here’s hoping that we get some rain before then.

Click here to red the information bulletin.

The schedule for the schedule

People are asking us when the KVMF schedule will be ready. Believe us, we’re as eager to get it out as you are. However, it is by nature a very dynamic document and our artistic directors are hard at work. A preliminary version, subject to constant change, might be available a couple weeks before the festival. At the earliest, the “official” version will be available one week before. Hang in there. It’s going to be great!