Urgent General Meeting: Wednesday, July 9

The Kispiox Valley Music Festival board of directors requests that all members of the Kispiox Valley Music Festival attend an urgent general meeting dated Wednesday July 9th 2014 at 7pm.  The meeting will be at Hazelton Mental Health and Addictions (portable behind the hospital).

We ask for your attendance in order to make an important vote.

Open and Excessive Alcohol Consumption

We’ve added a note about open and excessive alcohol consumption to the Admission Page.  Formally, it is as follows:

The Kispiox Valley Music Festival is a family friendly event.  We have zero tolerance for open consumption of alcohol.  Anyone openly consuming alcohol and being disruptive will be escorted from the grounds.

Less formally, one could put it this way:

Our festival is meant to be a family event.  If your main motivation for coming is to be drunk and stupid all weekend, we’d prefer that you did not come at all.  It’s a music festival, not a pit party.

P.S.  In an email, our Security Coordinator added that, if people are seen openly drinking alcohol outside of their camp sites, it won’t be “drink or dump”. It will just be “dump”. The “no glass” rule will also be strongly enforced.

Clarification: Performers with RVs

Forwarded from the KVMF mailing list:

Hi again everyone,

I wanted to keep you informed about something new we are trying out this year regarding parking/camping. We are asking festival patrons to pre-register their large RV’s (over 10 feet) so we can better account for our own space limitations.

That being said, regional performers ARE NOT being charged this fee. If you have sent in a registration form with the fee you will not be charged.

Please inform your friends and family if you haven’t already of this change. We can’t guarantee space for those with RV’s larger than 10′ who don’t pre-register. Apologies for the late note on this, it’s been a busy time Thanks very much and see you next month!

KVMF Performers Committee

Pre-festival work bees and meetings

Every Sunday between now and the festival weekend, we will have a work bee starting at 11 am and a meeting at 1 pm to discuss any issues that members and other interested people may have.

Both the work bee and the meeting will be at the Kispiox Valley Community Grounds where the festival will be held.

Come on out and help make our 20th annual Kispiox Valley Music Festival a great success!

P.S.  Bring shovels, rakes, mowers, weed whackers.

General meeting, June 8

There will be a general meeting of the Kispiox Valley Music Festival Society at 3 pm on June 8 in the Hall at the Kispiox Valley Community Grounds, the site of our festival.

All are welcome.

Come out and be a part of making our 20th annual music festival a great success.

General Meeting: May 4

There will be a general meeting of the Kispiox Valley Music Festival Society at 3 pm on May 4.  All are welcome. Location: Hazelton Mental Health and Addictions (behind Wrinch Residence).

There are still some key coordinator positions to be filled in order to make this, our 20th annual music festival, a great success.

RV Pre-registration

Due to space limitations, we have found it necessary to limit the number of RVs admitted to the grounds during the festival.  This will be done on a first come first serve basis.

We have a maximum capacity of 25 big rigs (20 feet and over) and 35 medium sized trailers (between 10 feet and 20 feet) measured from trailer hitch to bumper.

We offer an opportunity to register your RV prior to the festival.  There may or may not be spots available at the gate for those who have not pre-registered, depending on how many early registrations we receive.

More information and the registration form are available on the RV Pre-registration page.