The food concession application can be found here.

The concession area at the festival site is located between the KVCCA Hall and the smaller log buildings to the south. It is somewhat grassy but can be soft and slippery during wet weather.

Festival patrons can enjoy a lesiurely stroll through the concession area. Check out the menu boards and choose your favorite foods! We have some covered tables for you to enjoy when the weather is very hot or when it rains.

We aim for a green and healthy festival and encourage everyone to use biodegradable or reusable serving products. Note: NO GLASS CONTAINERS are allowed anywhere on the grounds. The festival provides garbage, compost and recycling receptacles for public use.

Concession vendors need to be aware that the food vending area as not completely flat. If you have a vending trailer, parking access is restricted so early arrival and setup is important.




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  1. Hi ,
    I missed out last year because i was in the hospital all summer. I am much healthier this year and have a lot of stock (artwork and jewelry)…so i am excited to set up at this years event. 2011 was my first time at your event in years and i had a blast…i can’t wait!

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