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  1. Hello
    I own the Nomads Kitchen food truck
    Just inquiring about the application for the 2018 festival season

    1. The camping fee is included in your vendor registration fee. If a vendor is bringing extra people, those extra people may need to pay the regular fees. I think the food vendors are allowed three extra people at no extra charge if those people are helping the vendor. However, you really should confirm that with Angelique and Linden to be sure.

    1. Are you able to view the form? If so, then I expect that it should be okay for you to send Brian an email or regular mail (email would get there quicker, of course) containing all the information that the form is asking for. It wouldn’t necessarily need to be the original form, just as long as all the information is there and clearly laid out. His mailing address and email address are listed at the bottom of the form.

  2. Hi , last year after the fest i told Brian to deffinitly add the Ice Cream Bucket for this year. I am sending you this e/mail to confirm my spot.
    Thankyou Leo

    1. You should probably send your confirmation directly to Brian using the contact information on the application form. Brian doesn’t necessarily peruse the comment sections on this web site.

    2. To treat all vendors fairly, we must receive an application and the application fee. Vendors are accepted on a first applied/paid basis.
      I mentioned this requirement a number of times to all vendors last year and the first food vendor applications arrived in March this year.

      Until we have an application, we cannot offer/discuss a spot.

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