RV Pre-registration

Due to space limitations, we have found it necessary to limit the number of RVs admitted to the grounds during the festival.  This will be done on a first come first serve basis.

We have a maximum capacity of 25 big rigs (20 feet and over) and 35 medium sized trailers (between 10 feet and 20 feet) measured from trailer hitch to bumper.

We offer an opportunity to register your RV prior to the festival.  There may or may not be spots available at the gate for those who have not pre-registered, depending on how many early registrations we receive.

More information and the registration form are available on the RV Pre-registration page.

11 thoughts on “RV Pre-registration”

  1. I think this pre-registration is a mistake. It is going to lead to a lot less people with money coming to the festival. Our normal group is a good example. Of the 10 RV’s in our group that attended last year not one is coming this year. The anti RV feeling last year combined with the pre-registration this year was enough to tip most over and just say we re not going. It should just stay first come first served for RV’s on Friday morning just like it has been for ever. I hope they re-consider for 2015.

  2. We have 8 people In a 30 foot trailer. If you think about it 2 people to a tent taking up 6″ by 6″ with 2″ buffer then you have their chairs and their fires and circle. I think when you add it up they are about equal. We have 8 people to a 30 foot trailer. I am sorry I don’t mean to complain but to not let a crew camp because they have a trailer and you would rather them sleep in tents is a little crazy to me. All it would take is a little organization of the trailers and to make sure every one is nice and tight including the testers. And yes GET THE VEHICLES OUT. Sorry happy festival but if this trailer stuff is an issue it may be our last Kispiox festival.

    Just a little more organization on the ” big rigs” may be all it needs. And I would help.

  3. Every year we come to the festival with are 25′ trailer my wife and two kids and one other couple. We all stay in my trailer that’s 6 people in a 25 foot trailer. We are more than willing to park are pickup outside the gates. We spend a lot of money at the festival every year and are happy to do so. Yet according to your website I could drive my 20 foot truck in the festival pitch a tent bring in a case of beer and some wieners and a bag of pot and all is good, that’s one guy taking up the same space as me in a 25′ foot trailer. As a large group of friends that have been coming for many years to the festival we have noticed that it is getting more crowded every year and take the effort to park are trailers as tight as possible. Last year we arrived with are trailer and the people at the front gate were rude and made smart ass comments about charging more for longer trailers next year. Also when we arrived there last year before the gates opened there were plenty of trailers on the grounds already are these trailers included in your numbers permitted to the grounds. I know I am ranting but what you need is a more organized site plan to get as many festival goers as possible “think big” “think numbers”……………..Not I am a Hippie and I don’t like diesel trucks and big trailers

    1. We’re attempting to address the problem of crowding in the camping areas at our festival and the space taken up by large RVs has been identified as one of the things that contributes to that problem. I will make sure that the rest of the board sees the comments here and the points raised will be considered at our next board meeting.

  4. Our family has been coming to the Kispiox Festival for many years, as performers, volunteers and just regular festival folk. It is true that we have switched from tenting to an RV, frankly due to age and comfort. We have definitely noticed over the the last few years that KVMS has been trying to push RVs out of the festival area. Maybe you are trying to relive the Woodstock thing with all tents and mud I’m not sure? We love coming to Kispiox, it is our favourite festival – but it sort of feels that we are not wanted. In our experience, those in RVs aren’t causing any trouble, they buy the t-shirts, the CDs, go to the food booths, and shop in the marketplace. They aren’t just showing up with a tent and a case of beer.
    So, is the committee anti-RV? If so, what is the reason?
    As well, I would also imagine that a number of the committee members that are making these decisions are sleeping in their own beds at night and not in a tent.

  5. This is going to upset a lot of loyal festival folks. My wife and I have been attending the festival for over 15 years, and our children have been every year of their lives’. If we can’t bring our trailer to camp in, then we won’t be able to attend. And the other camping options that you suggest, are not realistic. Especially since the number of people driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol will be drastically increasing this year due to the new camping restrictions. I won’t want my children anywhere near that road. If there was a little more forethought and order into the camping layout, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. The free for all approach doesn’t seem to be working. How do they make it work Rodeo weekend, and they’re camping with horses?

    And we have to mail in a cheque to register? What are we still in the 90’s ?

  6. Hi there,

    Just wanting to get clarification on camping if I am a performer. We are waiting acceptance as part of the North of Dixie Jazz Band. If accepted, do I pre-register for camping as I have a 19ft. Trailer.

    Kindly advise.

    Mike Doogan-Smith

    1. Hi Mike.

      I’m seeking a definitive answer on that one and I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve got one. We’re having a board meeting this Sunday so I should have it shortly after that, if not sooner.

    2. You should still pre-register in order to reserve a spot as there are a limited number of available spots for RVs. Performers don’t have to pay the fee but, of course, nobody knows at this time whose performer application has or hasn’t been accepted. So, you should send in your fee with your pre-registration. Assuming that your performer application is accepted, you will either be reimbursed during the festival or, if your cheque has not yet been deposited in our account, it will simply be returned to you.

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