2016 Regional Acts

As well as our headliners, we have a strong lineup of regional acts. You can expect some really great performances this weekend!

Here are the regional acts so far for 2016, in alphabetical order:

1000 cuts
Adam and Azedeh Gagnon
Axes of Ego
The Boreal
The Brazen Harlots
Buds and Friends
C’est La Vie
Cabin Fever
Ease West
The Gypsy Moondogs
Hank Sinatra
Hillbilly Scrabble
Keith Cummings
Local Vocals
Mark Fisher
Meghan Brady & Friends
Molly Moolman
The Nameless
Play Back
Pop Up Puppet Co.
The Racket
Ranger Dan
Ranger Smash
The Rats
The Ringtones
Stacy Reynolds Band
Steve Little
Theresa Michelle Mohr

…and more!

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