Urgent: festival volunteers needed for gate

With only a week to go until festival time, we are very short of volunteers to staff the gate during the festival.  We urgently need more people to fill these positions!  If you can help, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator through the contact page on the web site or contact Gate Coordinator Brian Pritchard directly.

4 thoughts on “Urgent: festival volunteers needed for gate”

  1. I can help with the gate (friday morning) and pre set up on Thursday. I am looking to do 10hrs of volunteering. Does this work?

  2. You have Mark Smoke down for the gate right? And we will be out there to help with the work bee tomorrow….he is bringing his tools.

    1. I’m not sure but I’ll forward the info to Kathleen (volunteer coordinator) and Brian (gate coordinator). They’ll probably also be at the work bee tomorrow.

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