2017 Line-up So Far

Hey folks, here are the confirmed acts for this year’s festival, so far. This list doesn’t differentiate between headliners and those whom we’ve usually described as “regional performers”. Aaron and Brandi, our artistic directors, are still in negotiation with more bands, so this is not yet a complete list.

Pico’s Puppet Palace
Nice Verdes
Sweet Alibi
Murray Porter
My Son the Hurricane
Rachelle van Zanten
Luke Wallace
Sister Says
The Racket
The Boreal
The Hundred Schools of Thought
The Rats
Hank Sinatra
Gypsy Moondogs
Theresa Michelle Mohr
The Dearly Departed
Brad Reddekopp
Backroads Home
1000 Cuts
The Brazen Harlots
Ease West
Sim Wilson
Stacy Reynolds Band
Ranger Dan
C’est La Vie
Rob Sturney
The Damn Beavers
Way North of Dixie Jazz Band
Hillbilly Scrabble