Clarification: Admission of Under 19

We have receive numerous questions about the need for minors to be accompanied by adults. The following is from the relevant coordinators:


Just to clarify anyone 18 or under, will  NOT be welcome on to the grounds (ie. camping, day passes, weekend passes, volunteering)  without a parent, guardian, and/or a responsible adult*. While in the past this was only in relation to camping, this year it is in relation to ALL passes.

Camping is the same as years past, in that ALL minors MUST camp right beside their “parent, guardian, and/or a responsible adult*”.

*(A “responsible adult” is not a 19-20ish friend. So the gate will need to use their discretion and judgement regarding this one. ID is a great way to help with this judgement. )

Minors will need ID.

ANYONE under 19 (aka. 18 and under) WILL BE required to have different wristbands marking them  as such.

We have advertised this in all our promotional material and press releases and have made it clear we have the right to refuse anyone entry.


There is currently no ban on campfires. However, there is still a ban on any fire larger than a campfire. According to regulations, a campfire is an “open fire that burns piled material no larger than 0.5 m in height and 0.5 m in width and is used by any person for recreational purpose, or by a first nation for a ceremonial purpose.”

For those who are not yet fully metric, 0.5 metres is roughly 19 inches.

More info is available here:

…and here:

Bring Water

Please note that there is currently a boil water advisory on the festival grounds. All festival goers are advised to bring their own drinking water.

Also, there is currently a campfire ban in place in our region and it seems unlikely that the ban will be lifted even if we get some rain. So, if you plan to cook while at the festival, you will need to have a CSA or ULC-approved camp stove.

See the BC Wildfire web site for more information:

Final Work Bee & Meeting

We need a huge turnout! 🙂

This Sunday, July 19, will be the last work bee and festival meeting before the 21st annual Kispiox Valley Music Festival! Work bee from 11 am to 4 pm, meeting about 2 pm.

On the same day, starting at 9:30 am, there is a festival cooking bee. Lots of chopping, dicing, stirring, tasting.

Lunch is provided.

We need fresh blood!

We’re also going to need new coordinators and members of the executive for next year. Some absolutely vital positions will be vacant after this year’s festival. Some long-time coordinators and board members simply cannot continue. Several people have taken on multiple roles. Each of these roles were originally meant to be filled separately but, in order for this year’s festival to happen, a number of people have taken on extra responsibilities. These people can’t be expected to keep doing this indefinitely.

There has been some new blood and we really, really appreciate the new people who have stepped up. They’ve done some great work and this festival would not be happening without them. However, if there is to be a 2016 Kispiox Valley Music Festival, we need to hear from more people who love this festival and want it to not only continue but to be even better.

Are you willing and able to make a difference?