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Clarification: Performers with RVs

Forwarded from the KVMF mailing list:

Hi again everyone,

I wanted to keep you informed about something new we are trying out this year regarding parking/camping. We are asking festival patrons to pre-register their large RV’s (over 10 feet) so we can better account for our own space limitations.

That being said, regional performers ARE NOT being charged this fee. If you have sent in a registration form with the fee you will not be charged.

Please inform your friends and family if you haven’t already of this change. We can’t guarantee space for those with RV’s larger than 10′ who don’t pre-register. Apologies for the late note on this, it’s been a busy time Thanks very much and see you next month!

KVMF Performers Committee

File attachments

The file attachment button on the Contact page got deleted during a recent update but has now been restored.  So, if you recently tried to use the Contact page to send in an application but were unable to figure out how to do so, you should have no trouble with it now.