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Updated List of Performers

Here is an updated list of performers, both regionals and headliners:

To see the full schedule, click here.

Backroads Home
The Boreal
The Brazen Harlots
C’est La Vie
Jean Christian
The Damn Beavers
The Dearly Departed
Ease West
Gypsy Moondogs
Hank Sinatra
Hillbilly Scrabble
The Hundred Schools of Thought
Jazzmatazz ‘n the Cooleraters!
Kids Sing-a-long with Bumbling Sisters and Friends
Theresa Michelle Mohr
My Son the Hurricane
Nice Verdes
Pico’s Puppet Palace
Play Back
Murray Porter
Ranger Dan
The Racket
The Rats
Brad Reddekopp
Saltwater Hank
Rob Sturney
Sister Says
Stacy Reynolds Band
Sweet Alibi
Rachelle van Zanten
Luke Wallace
Way North of Dixie Jazz Band
Sim Wilson

General Meeting

We’re having a general meeting of the Kispiox Valley Music Festival Society at 2 pm on Sunday, April 30th, in the hall on the Kispiox Valley Community Grounds!

New members welcome! Come on out and help make this year’s festival great!

AGM: February 7 @ 1 pm

The Annual General Meeting of the Kispiox Valley Music Festival Society will take place at 1 pm on Sunday, Februrary 7, 2016 at the Meeting Centre at 3226 Bowser Street, New Hazelton. A good turnout is needed.

(For technical reasons, our AGM in Novemeber was not valid so we need to do it again.)